Wednesday, August 31, 2005

so i am playing around here still trying to post photos i have been sent from everyone in peru . damn, i can't figure it out. but i have figured out how to put copies of emails they have sent me. perhpas reading what they say will give you a warm feeling like it does me...

this one in spanish from carlos about riding his motorcycle up to sipascancha to deliver money to the families of my godbabies-

Hoy día tuve una gran aventura yo fui en mi moto a Sipascancha alta y pude ver a todos tus Ahijaditos y compadres yo les di tu dinero que yo tenia guardado por el momento a 80 soles a cada uno de ellos y yo repondre esto cuando tenga tu dinero, yo tengo una carta de Quintín Quispe ellos mandan muchos saludos y abrazos que enviare esto pañana , también tengo un regalo de Claudio Mauri padre de flor de mayo y muchas papas de Juanita y lo mismo de Alberto, yo mandare todo esto mañana por correo, pero no enviare las papas por que podría ser muy caro para mi, Ja, ja, ja ja Bueno amorcito te enviare algunas fotos por correo y tu podras ver a todo tu familia de Sipascancha. Mucho besos `para ti. Carlos.

another from carlos, his one in english-its about the dental clinic he put together.

Hello my sweetest.
The last dental was made especially for those people who live in the mountains, who is impossible to pay a dentist, when the toothache start they just wait for many days until the pain is gone, this time the restaurant of the path of the heart stopped this suffer and gave to these people some smile again, thank you for everybody who help to bring these people some smile, thank for you that you brought down all those people.
1 The first photo shows to the doctor checking to a lady to know how many teeth need to be filling and how many need to extraction
2 the second one shows how the people are impressed because they never had a dentist in their live but some people have still good teeth even they never clean those
3 the thirst one shows to child showing to the dentist which tooth is hurting him.
4 the forth one shows the people giving their gratitude to path of the heart and all the people who were their angels who brought down them I mean all of you dear friends they look so happy without caries and this horrible toothache.
5 the fifth one shows some children showing some hygienic material that we gave them after taught how to clean their teeth.
6 The sixth one shows that we had to carried all the food until the school to share with everybody, because we brought down them so early and some have to stay until the night, but the universal heart restaurant as is well know always taking care of the hungry people gave food to all those people.
Thank you my friend and my friend’s friend for being part of this project.
Love and light from Peru

this is one from washi, his brother. he is writing about all he wants to do-

So my dear friends it has been long time that I haven write to you, I wish you had a nice and happy journey back to your beautiful country.
We are happy here and always thinking of you, I have been 10 days walking in to the jungle and experiment a lot of energy and happiness with the children and the people there.
I am so happy that I work for the children at my community and teach different experience that I am sheering with all of you thru this email that I am sure you will enjoy them.
MY idea is for grow and feed more children in the hold area of ollantaytambo where from 100 children born died 29 and maybe the 50% when they grow because there is no to much food for them and their parent some time are alcoholic people.
BUT I create a restaurant to feed 120 children with the help of my friend that from the United States and also de idea is to wake up in other communities that they can do the same thing.
Please enjoy the photos and let me now how you like them.
Also I want to tell you that I wish you send me a seed’s of flowers that in would love to plan at my garden and teach the people and grow them also.
In Christmas we want to take hot chocolate to the communities and some little present because many of them they don’t now about Christmas so it will. Be interesting to share that moment of happiness with all of them but my self will dress as a Santa Claus. Also I want to share that I have been to the doctor and they told me that my children is going to born on the end of these month or at the beginning of September I am so lucky for that and I am with more power to work for the children.
Please enjoy the photos and write me back.
My address at the post office at my town is

Washington Gibaja Tapia
Correo central de Ollantaytambo
Cusco Perú.

and this washi sent to me...its about the work being done in ollantaytambo...a formal proposal! no photos but perhaps if you read this through, you will get a sense of him...and his brothers, and the committment they have to these children. he has gotten a bit of help with his english! the restaurant he mentions in here is now complete, or almost! i like how he lists each childs' name and age that the work will benefit towards the end.

TELEPHONE: 011-51-84-9-940312
What is my motive?
Since I was very young I have had many experiences that taught me that I could participate in social changes in the local community. Many other children have these experiences but do not have the opportunity I have had. Because of the indescribable strength of my mother I was helped with my education by other good-hearted people. This nurtured in me, day by day, the knowledge that the opportunity to serve permits us to change sadness into happiness and to connect to the rest of the world. This experience surely permits us to know another side of life, where our ancient traditions emphasize the responsibility of reciprocation.
Nation: Peru
Department: Cusco
Province : Urubamba
Distraict : Ollantaytambo
Geographic references:
East Longitude: 72 degrees, 11 feet, 07 inches
South Latitude: 13 degrees, 18 feet, 30 inches
Altitude: 2792 meters (9,158 feet) above sea level
The district of Ollantaytambo has a population of 8,825 inhabitants with approximately 1,439 families, of which 80% live in farming communities. 37% of the population is under 15 years of age.
The average family size is 4.8 children per mother and the infant mortality is 71 per 1,000 births. The life expectancy is 55 years.
Social indicators:
The poverty rate in Peru is 54.85%, which represents 14 million persons whose income is below $42 per month. 24.4%, or 6.2 million people, live in extreme poverty with a monthly income between $3 and $35. 78.4% of the rural people and 42% of the urban people are poor.
The literacy rate in the Ollantaytambo district is 66%. The population is served by eight centers of education, including primary and secondary schools. There is little health care and the population is debilitated by chronic malnutrition.
It has been demonstrated that those most affected by problems of malnutrition are the children of preschool and school ages in the lower strata of society, which includes the majority of the families. The institutions of the government, friendly nations and private organizations have developed different methods of providing nutrition: the Plan for School Lunches, Glass of Milk, Public Kitchens, etc. But because of lack of infrastructure, logistic help, and corruption, these programs are limited and have not aided those most in need who lie far from the cities and the distribution centers.
The project "Restaurant and Hostel for the Children of the Sun" will help by providing a balanced food service and free transportation to sites within the sectors where the people live, especially the children of the farming communities who suffer most from malnutrition and who must walk up to 10 kilometers (6 miles) to reach their schools.
One of the activities taken with the parents is to meet each weekend to teach them to:
Identify the problems of their children and seek solutions
Develop campaigns against excessive alcohol consumption and family violence
Know and practice birth control.

General objectives:
For the small area that our project will reach, to permit solutions to the problems of low attention and success in the schools and the high rate of school drop-outs and to teach the values of solidarity and love.
Preparation of food of high nutritional value to combat malnutrition in 120 children in Ollantaytambo.
Distribute food existing in the market and international donations.
Provide free transportation for 120 children of the farthest communities.
Provide food weekly to 20 children in the farthest communities
Specific objectives:
Increase the coverage of the nutrition programs with production and service that will permit an equal distribution and consumption.
Promote on our beneficiaries hygiene habits and punctuality.
Promote the understanding in all persons so that they will have the opportunity to collaborate and solve the problems of their society, realizing that we are part of the world and it is our common home, so that their personal attitudes and actions contribute to the broader world in accordance with the belief that if they give they will receive.
Educate in a manner that will eliminate economic differences.
Realize that working together in harmony will produce better results than can be achieved alone. Believe that our project could be replicated in other communities.
Cultivate the ancestral values such as:
Ama suwa: Don’t steal
Ama quella: Don’t be lazy
Ama llulla: Don{t lie
And to practice the codes of ethics such as:
Llank’ay: Work
Yachay: Know
Munay: Love
According to the planned objectives, the beneficiaries of this project will be the children who, according to an analysis of their family and social situations, merit the assistance of persons such as you.
For the first period of this project, we are counting on the help of "THE PATH OF THE HEART", which as collaborated with us in developing the objectives of this project.
The current project has been functioning since the month of May, 2003 and now serves 70 children from far communities. The people of Ollantaytambo are requesting that the project serve more children.
Cook $ 360 USD
Space 600
Food 6,000
Stove 100
Fuel 492
Cooking utensils 150
Tables and chairs 100
Cleaning supplies and equipment 100
Transportation 170
Total $8,072 USD
This amount is financed by Dr. Sharon Forest and Mrs. Helene L. Laperrousaz and their generous friends, persons who are eager to help diminish the suffering of mothers and children.
In light of our need to enlarge the program it is necessary for us to solicit your collaboration, since we now serve 70 children and would like to add 50 more children tht need our services. In order to increase the amount of food we can prepare and to teach or children cooking, we need two industrial stoves. We also need additional tables, chairs and equipment.
It is also necessary to move to a larger area, renovate the building and aquire the stoves and equipment we need.
The cost for this increase of service is detailed below:
Human Resources:
Two part time cooks $ 3,680
Two part time assistants 1,840
Consultant and quality control 2,400
Space for 120 children (rent) 2,400
Food 16,050
2 industrial stoves 600
Fuel 855
10 dozen soup plates 160
10 dozen dinner plates 160
10 dozen glasses 100
Cooking utensils 300
20 tables and 100 chairs 1,600
Accessories 200
Freezer 400
Cleaning equipment and supplies 200
Transportation 400
Small truck 5,000
TOTAL $37, 345 USD
The project looks forward to self- financing and for this reason we area planning to construct a restaurant and hostel where we can serve meals and provide rooms for tourists, visitors and volunteers. This restaurant and hostel can provide an income for the project as well as teach the service industry to our population. This can be coordinated with technical and artistic education to raise the self-esteem and expectations of the community. . In conclusion, we expect to use your assistance to make our project self-sufficient.
The project also expects to assist the children during the five-day school week, who wear inadequate clothing and walk long distances over difficult terrain with unstable weather. These factors prevent learning and social development. For those who live very far we could use the hostel, with its rooms and bathrooms, to house 20 children.
Description of the project:
We propose to construct on an area of 300 square meters (984 square feet) a dining room for 120 children and visitors, a kitchen, a storeroom, a laundry, a small library, two dormitories for ten children each a little room for the university for study human kidnees and that room will teach the children diferent skill like ( pottery, wiving, service), reception and bathrooms. On the second level we will construct ten rooms with bath for tourists and visitors, and a small garden.
We anticipate that the cost for land and construction will be $61,000 USD. With an annual occupation of 40 percent, we estimate that the income will be sufficient to cover its costs and assist the nutrition project.
Note: The exact costs of the project will be known soon once our friends ( from the united states ) provide part of the costs for a professional estimate.
Projection for added transportation:
Acquisition of a bus for transporting children from the communities of Patachancha, Chillca and Pachar is estimated to cost:
1 36 passenger bus $25,000
Driver 2,400
Gas and maintenance 3,000
TOTAL $30,400 USD

Beneficiaries of the project:
Name Age Community
Edición canal apasa 12 Pallata
Uriel canal apasa 16
Ermes canal apasa 10 //
Rolando willca Álvarez 11
Bartolomé willca Álvarez 14
Rolando serrano espinosa 13 //
Jhon serrano espinosa 11
Rolando Giraldo loayza 12 Pallata
Anani Avendaño mirando 11
Liset Avendaño Miranda 12
Kemery Avendaño miranda 08 //
Marco concha Mendoza 13
Lady willca ata ulluco 09
Nancy Gonzáles Contreras 09 //
Carmen rosa vargas paucar 09
Elizabeth condori Suárez 07
Elvis huaman Giraldo 08
Roí Rufino Avendaño vargas 08
Maite Miranda paucar 07
Luis Alberto Segarra villa fuerte 10 //
Sandra puma mamani 08
Dina Suárez échame 07
Max Juan Avendaño Miranda 10
Yeferson vargas willca 10 //
Alberto Suárez carvajal 06
Víctor Suárez carvajal 09
Abran Miranda Suárez 09
Eusebio Suárez carvajal 10
José antonia Gonzáles huaman 14 //
Cesar Gonzáles huaman 08
Kevin willca Álvarez 08
Lourdes Miranda Solís 09 Pallata
Teresa Gonzáles huaman 09 Pallata
Lusgarda Gonzáles Pizarro 11
Alberto rojas yanqui 12 //
Ángel mamani calcino 13
Tito canal apasa 08 //
Encarna espinosa paucar 11
Jaime vargas paucar 12
Yolanda quispe vargas 12 Pallata
Susana Miranda pilares 08
Flor de Maria Avendaño 07
Marisol espinosa paucar 09
Luis Alberto Segarra villa fuerte 11 Pallata
Ronaldo llanos otazu 12 Puma marca
Julio llanos otazu 06
William llanos otazu 09 Puma marca
Yobana llanos otazu 11
Cristian Miranda pilares 12 //
Efraín carvajal llanos 12
Delia carvajal ramos 10 Puma marca
Héctor duran córahua 10 Cachicata
Oscar coronel Sequeiros 10
Isidro corahua Escobedo 08
Gisela duran còrahua 08
Darwin Chávez coronel 08 //
Rony fredy calsin sanos 09
Rudy Juan coronel duran 08
Fran augusto duran 09 Cachicata
Carolina duran còrahua 12
Yesica coronel Sequeiros 08
Lisbeth cornel duran 11
Carina Chávez cornel 12
Olga còrahua Escobedo 12 //
Mirian duran marca 09
Yhajaira Benavente sota 08
Dany palomino c`orahua 08 //
Rony palomino curagua 07
Elviz coronel santos 11
Priscila coronel santos 10 Cachicata
Luis Alberto Jaime canal 08
Yeimis Jaime canal 10 //
Elías Escobedo santos 12
Juana Escobedo santos 09 //
Erica Escobedo santos 08
Idania jaimes canal 06
Michael duran Escobedo 08 //
Nicanos Riquelme ríos 09 Cachcata
Alfredo Zamora huanaco 08
José Escobedo ccorahua 08 Cachicata
Mirian gallegos Cevallos 09 Rumira
Yobana Valderrama surco 10
Silvia Valderrama surco 13
Norma rodrigue quispe 11 //
Cipriano López mamani 13
Yesenia otazu Méndez 11
Neyda otazu Méndez 08
Reina quiro mamani 08
Alexandra huaman zapata 12 //
José ángel cardaron Salazar 08
Vilma Gutiérrez cruz 11
Kely pacheco mamani 07
Gabriela pacheco mamani 05 //
Hugo crió mamani 11 Rumira
Marvin gibaja villa 12
Luis Fernando quiro mamani 13
Luis miguel Ojeda Montaño 12 //
Clinton gibaja villa 06
Saín mamani cayllahua 03 Rumira
The othe 20 children will be the ones who will live at the hostal.
This project has its web page that allows us to contact other sources of financing which can collaborate with the development of this project.