Friday, August 31, 2007

every now and then, it seems i let people down. imagine that. a friend once accused me of only thinking of myself. lovers have accused me of being a bitch. and last night, a patient's daughter called me evil. yes, evil. thank god, these accusations don't come up often. none the less when they do they cut me to the very core, especially when they come from people i love or my patients.

sometimes doing the best i can doesn't seem enough. what is there to do but accept and forgive yourself and others? to breathe deep and let it go? to embrace our's and others imperfections? are we not just human beings and far less perfect than we may appear on the surface?

oh, i don't know. so here in my blog for all the world to see, i declare:

i forgive my friend.
i forgive my lovers.
i forgive the family.
and most of all i forgive myself for being the sometimes inept, yet good intentioned person i am.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

moving right along here in the willamette looks like i've found a little place to live in springfield! it's in the "heart" of the washburn district, a little circa 1920-something one bedroom cottage with a tiny front porch, fenced-in yard, garage, and a little deck. and, it's even affordable, at least considering what i've discovered about rents these days in springfield! downside is that i can't move in until mid-september. upside to that is i have a month to save more money and can then payback what's owed from the peru trip. and i can get on with other things now that the housing crisis is solved. 'phew. it's had me in a little tizzy. so, yes, another fresh start is just around the corner!! and yes, i am so ready...

Thursday, August 02, 2007

you'll notice a link now to "STOVE REPORT SIPASCANCHA ALTA/SONCCO, PERU, 2007! it's via mediafire and by clicking on the link and then on the mediafire page clicking on "CLICK HERE TO START DOWNLOAD, our report magically appears! (thanks sleeve!!)