Wednesday, September 21, 2005

i've not been not writing in my blog very much. still pluggin. i don't think i've mentioned i have ANOTHER job. now and for the last few months i've been working in a local hopsital in the ICU. whew! is like being a new nurse again. i like it, everyone is nice. what a difference it makes to work with people who are friendly and helpful! so its been summer, now late summer! i get to the market, toodle around on my bike alot. so cool, its one of my fav things to do out in the nice weather. and running some...if i were to return to peru tho, i probably couldn't make it up the 40 steps...

so, i moved. my landlords wanted to move in the front of where i am and it would have been too close. i have gotten used to having the back yard to myself! and they are nice enough, but it didn't feel right. of course i have my garden still there--my huertita. its a raised bed and i got lots of vegies. lettuce, broccoli, squash, cukes, tomatoes, basil, peppers...pretty cool.

still pretty alone. but thats ok. sometimes i really like it, others i feel like the most important part of life is slipping away when you can't hang with your buddies. and speaking of this, i will post photos of shelley and i are our backpacking trip to the coast to celebrate numero ciquentita. september 15th! i am 50!! we walked from seaside to manzanita! very cool, but i did wear shelley out! to the degree we cheated and walked into cannon beach first for a few beers and then to a posh hotel for one night. the next day we cheated again and got a taxi (no public transportation south of cannon beach!) to the next trailhead!! haha. it was great. and now i am 50. i was looking back in my blog, now there are 3 birthdays recorded on these pages. hard to believe i'm 50. shelley got me a card that inside said...i hope the sands of time only show between your toes with a picture of a young thing on the beach...

it was doubly cool at tillamook head to receive a call from ramoncito in spain! tecnologia... he's received part of his papers but it isn't complete yet! am i still waiting, i do not know...i got my application into the UN and got accepted but all that means at this point is that i am on a list. kinda cool to think i could come home one day and get an email from them and be gone in 6 weeks! maybe asia?

so settled into the new place. a bit on the funky side. i discovered after renting it that it has a certain smell to pee??? mildew??? was it a meth house??? hell i don't know. but i don't want to move again and it is cheap and still will allow me money to save and send to peru. can't help but remember how most of the world lives. speaking of which, a disaster has hit us. the flooding and hurricane in new orleans. more devastation. the world seems to be getting hit by natural disasters. but even here one cannot count on the govt. what idiots. thank god we everyday people help in the ways that we can. to think of all those people who could not get out. i told my mom, it could be us. i don't have a tv and all the images and what i read were on line. makes one realize what is important.
speaking of that some photos above of my time with shelley, my very best friend and others of some times here this summer, at my other place.
got to go.