Friday, July 23, 2010

Buen dia! Thank you for all the support! We are very happy to report we have established a partnership with a Peruvian non-profit called Casa Hogar del Sol. This organzation was founded by Carlos Gibaja Tapia, a longtime colleague and friend in the Sacred Valley. They are located in Ollantaytambo, Peru, very close to the sites of our projects. What this means for LVM is that we will have support for our work in the form of home visits to families with improved stoves so to monitor their usage as well as care of the stove and chimney. We will soon be receiving reports and this excites us beyond words. We have had a difficult time maintaining contact from here. And as you know, an important part of our work is follow-up. Too often we have seen well-meaning projects be up and left without support for the participating families.

What this means for Casa Hogar del Sol is assistance and support for their work also. Their values are aligned with ours and focus on healthy families and sustainable economic development benefiting small communities surrounding Ollantaytambo high in the Andes Mountains. Right now they are in the process of organizing one of the largest traveling dental programs that will visit five different communities over approximately one week. They also are constructing Cuylandia, a large guinea pig farming cooperative and have assisted many families during the floods earlier in the year. We will keep you updated on their work as well as ours.

Here is to a long, collaborative, and mutually beneficial relationship that we hope will enable all of us to continue this very important work!