Thursday, January 28, 2010

We have been receiving news of the flooding in the Cuzco area. Below are updates from colleagues in Ollanta, and a way for you to make donations should you be inclined. If you read this and know anything of the Mandorani/C'orao area please let me know. I will also post news here I am able to locate.



The heavy rain and the river in the Sacred Valley destroyed many people’s homes in Cusco area. the river in the sacred valley is growing and growing every day, slowly and slowly people are losing everything, homes, farming products, animals, also my brother Washy lost his house and his beautiful building by the river last day, my other brother Wilfredo got stalled in Machupicchu, part of the train rail is been destroying by the river, the houses, roads and bridges are collapsing, and the worst part is, this is just the beginning and there is not too much to do.

This river, the sacred river as the Incas used call it, is giving us a lesson, many people has been losing the respect to this river, no people use to honoring him as the used to do any more, people where throwing garbage on its water, people taking its land more and more, putting their drainage directly his water, overfishing, and taking over otters homes.

The sacred river even when it has been destroying by the people used to still showed the people its beauty, giving water for the irrigating, breeding trout for the hungry people, now even it is enraged, he didn’t take any bodies life, as he is loving people he is advising people to run away, that way I believe that river was sacred and will be sacred.

Please take a time to ask the Mother Nature to calm dawn, people are changing.

1/28/2010 Thank you very much for keeping the people of the sacred valley in your prays and to ask the Mother Earth to calm down. Thank God the water stopped growing and flooding, it makes the people calmed themselves. My brother Eddy is still stopped up in Aguas Calientes of Machupicchu, the helicopters are taking out first the old and sick people. In Ollantaytambo the food is skimpy; they need food, tents, mattress, and blankets.

Please for the person who wants to do the contributions there are 3 chooses, also you can help sending this letter to your friends:

Bank: Banco de crédito del Perú


Type of account: Asoc. Sin fines de lucro (non profit organization)

Number of the bank account (donate in dollars): 285-17299567-1-75

Swirt code: BCPLPEPL

Address: Av: El sol 189

Cusco – Peru


Here is a link in English for updated news.